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BEST offers different opportunities to all students in Europe and even more to the organization’s members. These events encourage students to travel and meet people from varied cultural and academic backgrounds, to break out of their comfort zones, to motivate and be motivated, to discover new skills and interests as well as hone existing ones and in all, make their path through university education more well-rounded and complete. 


European BEST Engineering Competition (EBEC) is the biggest engineering competition in Europe, allowing students to bring even the most unbelievable ideas to life.  The competition happens in two categories - Team Design and Case Study, focusing on two different facets of essential engineering skills, with something for everybody. Those who like to get their hands dirty will have the opportunity to build amazing constructions in the Team Design challenge while others compete to come up with creative solutions to the theoretical problems in the Case Study challenge . Moreover, EBEC happens in three stages of contest- local, national and international bring together fierce competition, exciting ideas, inspiring people and the chance to be the best in Europe!  Are you in for the challenge? Click below to read more..

BEST Course

BEST Courses showcase the real BEST spirit by putting all five values of BEST together: learning, friendship, fun, flexibility and improvement. Organized in over ninety cities from 36 countries during four season: spring, summer, autumn and winter, BEST courses allow students from all over Europe to learn a topic of their interest while experiencing other cultures and making friends from all across Europe. We guarantee you that you will be amazed by how cheap, engaging, exciting, inspiring and fun BEST courses are. So what are you waiting for???

And much more!

Throughout the year we organise many more events such as case studies, smaller competitions, hosting big internal events of the BEST network like Regional Meetings, weekend trips to Belgium or the Eiffel, workshops on soft skills and much more. Keep checking the Current Events page for updates! 

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