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In a nutshell -  BEST academic courses are two-week trips where you can meet about 22 students from all over Europe as well as having the chance to learn about interesting & relevant topics in an unconventional way.

If you want to visit one of our 34 BEST European countries, meet great people and have fun, all for very little money - apply to our academic courses!

4 seasons

maximum 50 euro

7 - 14 days


  • What should I bring to the BEST Course?
    Every course has its own website, to which you will get access after you get accepted. There will be many useful informations straight from the organisers. Things that are always necessary are: your ID/passport, printed flight/train tickets, student ID and optionally ISIC, towel, local food for the International Evening. And the most important – a big smile and good vibes.
  • What kind of formalities do I have to get done before attending a course?
    You have to prepare all the documents you need to enter the country (visa, ID, passport). You can also think about getting yourself an ISIC card which provides you a lot of discounts abroad.
  • How can I activate my account?
    You have to contact your Local Group’s Coordinator. You can find his email down below, in the footer.
  • What do I have to do if having a visa is required to take part in a BEST Course?
    Contact the organisers as soon as you get accepted and inform them about it. They will help you and give you informations that you need.
  • What is the difference between the deposit and the fee?
    We give back your deposit after you come back from the course and fill evaluation form online. A fee is a payment for the organisers, which you make when you arrive to the course.
  • Why are we taking deposit from you and is it being returned?
    Deposit is a kind of “protection” for the organisers in case you resign from the course or cause any damage.
  • I am on the "Waiting List" - what does it mean?"
    It means you still have a chance of going to the course you applied to. That can happen if someone who has been qualified resigns.
  • When will I find out about being accepted to a BEST Course?
    You will receive an email from the coordinator of your Local BEST group. You can also check for updates on your BEST account.
  • I already applied, can I change my application?"
    You can still change your application until the deadline.
  • How many students take part in a BEST Course?
    It’s usually about 20 people from different countries all over Europe.
  • How many times can I participate in a BEST Course?
    You can take part in 3 BEST Courses during your academic career.
  • What are my chances of being accepted to a BEST Course?
    It all depends on location and subject of the course. The courses that have the most interest are of course the hardest ones to get accepted to. Nevertheless the most important factor is your application. It has to be creative, unique and outstanding. You have to get noticed, so don’t be shy, let your imagination take over.
  • Do I have to have some previous knowledge about the subject of the course?
    If it is required there will be a note in the section “Participation requirements”. If you have no prior knowledge, but you are interested in the subject - it’s worth including some information about it in your application.
  • Why are the events so cheap?
    The organising Local BEST Group (LBG) is trying to get as much money as possibly by co-operating with several organisations. The university is interested in hosting foreign students and in becoming more internationally minded. Companies wish to get access to European-minded students, which is done during the event by company presentations, guest lectures or company visits. In some countries, the student union also provides some financial aid.
  • How much is it to participate in a BEST Course?
    The information about the cost of the course is included in the description of every course in the list. As a student of a university in Germany you pay 100% of the price that is given there. So the maximum cost is 50 euro. It covers food and accommodation. You have to pay for your transport there.
  • For how many events per season may I apply?
    You can apply for maximum three BEST Courses and three other (education, leisure) events per season. You can be accepted to at most one BEST Course per season (but any number of other events).
  • How is the selection for the events done?
    The organising LBG gets all the applications entered by the students and then will decide on regional aspects (they try to get people from all over Europe, so they in general won't take more than one student from each city/country), on your Motivation Letter (they have to read many of them, so try to be creative!), and maybe on your educational background (only if you need some previous knowledge for a specific event). The organisers also aim at having an equal number of male and female participants.
  • When can I apply?
    You can apply every season, which means there are: spring, summer, autumn, winter courses. Exact dates of applying are to be found on
  • Who can apply for BEST Courses?
    Everyone who is a student of technical university with a BEST Local Group. For our Local Group in Aachen - everyone who is a student of at RWTH Aachen University can participate. Another requirement is being able to communicate in English.
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