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EBEC Aachen
is now live

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EBEC Aachen

One of the core activities of BEST is the organisation of engineering competitions. Teams (each consisting four students) compete to solve real-world problems. This provides students the opportunity to develop their teamwork and engineering skills by solving a theoretical problem using research (Case Study) or by coming up with a creative solution to a problem (Innovative Design) within a limited period of time.

If you don’t have a team yet, you can also apply individually and we will later team you up with others.
The competition consists of
three rounds : Local, National/Regional and the EBEC Final rounds. Winners from the local round in Aachen will proceed further to the National/Regional Round (EBEC Benelux), where they will compete with the winners from the local rounds in universities in the Netherlands and Belgium and have the chance to earn their spot in the EBEC Final, this year in Zagreb, Croatia.

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