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Aachen, known as an “Europastadt” (City of Europe), is Germany’s westernmost major city where three nations with three languages converge. It is the centre of a dynamic, cross-border knowledge region and stands for world-class university education in Natural Sciences and Engineering.


Aachen is famous for its Cathedral, the Town Hall and its many Spas. It serves as a big health resort for the region because of the geothermal springs, which are the hottest in continental Europe (74°C). Casanova, Peter the Great, Charlemagne and many other historical figures used to bath in Aachen, so for centuries it was known informally as the “Spa of Kings”.


The University of Aachen, also known as RWTH University, is one of the leading German Universities for Science and Technology. Currently, among other things, RWTH is involved in car and aircraft development, interdisciplinary research in material and biomedical science, not to mention the collaboration with CERN and ICECUBE.

A total of 44.000 RWTH students from 128 countries, along with the close contacts the University, give the scientific center of Aachen an international atmosphere.


The idea of BEST was introduced to us by our first president, Stefan Süßmaier, while doing his Erasmus studies in France. After coming back he was very motivated and wanted to bring the BEST spirit to Aachen. He told his idea to some of his friends and soon convinced them to help him on this adventure. By the end of November 2012, we managed to officially become an organisation of our University, the RWTH Aachen University. In the same month we were officially founded and applied to become an Observer of Board of European Students of Technology. In the picture you can see our first members while applying for BEST.


In November 2013, our group attended the 2nd General Meeting of the year - the Presidents Meeting in Brno. At this meeting our was presented by Dario Sarik and Norman Schaffer and officially applied to become a so called baby member of BEST. The other Local BEST Groups voted on the decision to gave our group their full trust. Since November 2013 BEST Aachen is an official member of Board of European Students of Technology.


Now we want to bring BEST closer to the students of our University. In order to do that, we are going to organise more events in the future.

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